Distinctive European Eyewear
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Distinctive European Eye Wear

We feature collections from all across the world with an emphasis on quality, creativity, and uniqueness. Lindberg creates each custom frame to order in Denmark, Mykita is polished and folded stainless steel from Berlin, Johann Von Goisern is hand layered in Austria, and that’s only a handful, visit our “Collections” section to learn more about each company.

Lens Technology

We have access to just about every lens design, manufacturer, and technology there is. The newest in lens designs from Shamir, Zeiss, Essilor, or anyone else. Materials from Trivex to High Index 1.74. Photochromic, polarization, or just clear with an exceptional Anti-Reflective Coating. We’re here to help you learn about and choose the best options to fit your individual needs. Based on your daily activities, prescription, and personal measurements we can create a truly customized and perfect pair for you.



Amazing service! Very knowledgeable and I even left having learned a lot about lenses. We called ahead and they were very helpful then as well. True experts and lovely people.
— Ryan M.
Outstanding customer service! They corrected what my optometrist could not! They are happy when you’re happy, no exceptions.
— James N.
They are an absolute pleasure to work with and have been very accommodating even though my needs have been a bit challenging at times. Highly recommend them for your glasses needs
— Matt G.


About Us

my name is Vohn

I got my start in the Optical industry in 1991 while I was still in High School. After 5 years learning everything I could about Sunglasses I made a change. I started working in Del Mar at a high end optical boutique, I ran that store for 10 years specializing in rimless designs and custom frames from brands like Cartier and Gold & Wood. Then I bought my own store out in San Marcos, where I specialized in helping people with high prescriptions and wrap contoured lenses. I started training my oldest son Alex as an optician in 2016, and most recently my middle son Zack has started training as well.